Scallop SuiMai at Yauatcha, BKC, Mumbai

Bandra Kurla Complex, A Fine New Place to Wine and Dine

Clutter and chaos is always on the rise in this capital of commerce. Then there are sudden ill-placed serene spots like the Sanjay Gandhi National Park or the Hiranandani gardens that provide some planned respite. Bandra Kurla complex is one such oddity; a well-planned patch of huge commercial establishments, with no potholes, no warring groups...


The ancient bus ticket

The Bombay that I Miss!

Before you point out that it’s Mumbai and not Bombay, let me clarify that I’ve used the word deliberately. I grew up in Bombay and not Mumbai and at some level, I’ll always be a Bombayite and not a Mumbaikar. What’s the difference, you ask? It’s not just a simple name change, it’s actually saying...


Donations to Porject Play

#MumbaiList: Let’s Play! ‘Cause Every Child Must

With the Olympics dominating our TV screens for the last fortnight or so, we’ve been witness to some of the most skilled sportsmen in action. Whether it’s the record breaking super-human Mr.Bolt, the jaw droppingly beautiful Russian gymnast Kanaeva or India’s darling boxer Mary Kom; they have all amazed us with their prowess in their...


Beef Curry With Couscous

#MumbaiList: A Mouthful of the Middle East

If you have been following MumbaiMag, you know I’ve been away on a journey to Israel. Even though Israel is a small country (it’s not much bigger than Mumbai and Pune!) it’s home to people from all parts of the world. Jews from all parts of Europe, Africa and the Americas who came to live...

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Inside Sagargad

Forts Around Mumbai: Become a Maratha Warrior this Weekend!

The Sahyadris hold a special place in the hearts of people of Maharashtra. The Maratha rulers turned the peaks of various hills in this region into their bastions of power. They built forts high above the ground, a feat in itself, for then the convenience of technology was not available to them. Indigenous techniques were employed...



#MumbaiList: Sale or Stale?

As Mumbaikars, we are used to standing in queues – in the trains, while waiting to pee during the interval at the movies, even at Siddhivinayak. But none of them seem as painful as waiting outside the fitting rooms during a sale. While the good thing about a sale is that there’s something for everyone,...


Highway Gomantak Sign

#MumbaiList: Konkani Cuisine In Mumbai

Malwani and Gomantak cuisine is often confused, they are actually two distinct food cultures. Malwan is a region in the southern coast of Maharashtra, whereas Gomantak refers to the Goan coastal region. We could broadly categorize them as Konkani. Being Goan myself, I’m touchy about this distinction. Let’s begin with Malwani food. I was most...

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Angry Birds Cupcakes, Neerus Cakes, Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Party Abhi Baaki Hai!

If the MET department is to be believed Mumbai rains are just setting in and we also have a new kind of dark cloud looming over us. It’s called The Dhoble. But don’t let that dampen your spirit and Esprits. Stay tuned, because I have my grand-plan-face on! I am a firm believer that the...

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Hand Woven Bags, Boxes, Pouches at Maati, Powai

#MumbaiList: Handicrafts Stores In Mumbai

Handmade artefacts have a distinctive charm that even the most expensive branded products don’t. No matter how limited the branded edition, it is still lacks the rough edges and the raw beauty that makes handicrafts unique. In India, with our rich and varied cultural heritage, we are truly spoilt for choice. Whether it’s the intricate...