Jimmy Boy's Lagan nu Bhonu, Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Guide To Parsi Food In Mumbai

The Bombay Bawas play a very important role in giving the city character. They give Mumbai it’s required dose of eccentricity, and I mean this in the nicest possible way. The community is known for their over-the-top personalities, which of course finds expression in their food! They own some of the best colonial real estate...


Pani Puri Stall, Mumbai

Mumbai: Food Festival At Every Corner

“You miss Bhel Puri? Then make it at home!” Really?! I’m sure every Mumbaikar will agree that this is one of the most preposterous recommendations anyone can make. 1: street food is not street food if made at home. 2. Bhel Puri cannot be replicated anywhere other than the streets of Mumbai. No one knows where...


Food at Oh! Calcutta, Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Guide to Bengali Food in Mumbai

Mumbai is to India, what New York is to the world. A melting pot of sorts where people from all parts of the country throng to; in search of a better life, perhaps for a better paycheck, many for their fifteen minutes of fame. This results in a whole bunch of homesick people, longing for...



Capoeira: A Story Of Liberation

Once upon a time Brazil was a Portuguese colony, a land of rich soil perfect for sugarcane and coffee. Since they needed labor to work in fields, the Portuguese brought in slaves from Africa, particularly Angola. Needless to say life wasn’t very kind to the slaves, they had to live away from their families, work...


Say it With A Present: Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

Father’s Day is the best excuse to shower your Dad with gifts that show you care. Burdened with what to gift him? Here are some ideas that may come in handy. Every Dad has his favourite knick knacks. The little things he collects or wants to start a collection of. Or that everyday thing he...


Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day Specials – Spas, Golf and More

Indulge your Dad with relaxation and fun activities this week to celebrate Father’ Day that falls on June 17th. If he has a busy hectic schedule, try the spa offers being offered across Mumbai. And if he is the sporty kind, try your hand at golf and fun games with him over a few beers....


Monginis Fathers Day Cake Daddy Cool, Mumbai

Father’s Day Specials – Food & Drinks

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th. Its that time of the year when you take the time to thank your Dad for everything he means to you. Though nothing can match emotions and heartfelt words, gifts can also bring a smile to his lips and show him you care. So, have you decided how...


Kitab Khana, Fort

Cafes And Libraries: Beating The Blues With Books

Living in Mumbai for a little over twenty three years, I quite share a love – hate relationship with this city. I hate the rains, traffic and of course, convincing rickshaw drivers who refuse to go just about anywhere. Bustling with people, cars and more people, Mumbai often leaves you feeling overwhelmed yet isolated. But...


Aeroplane Wings

#MumbaiList No. 6: Contacting Airlines In Mumbai

Here is our list of the some of the popular airlines and their contact numbers for city offices and at Mumbai airport. We will be happy to include any other airlines you can share information on. Railways list coming up soon! And if you are wondering where is #MumbaiList No.5, here it is! Find all...