The Little Door's XL Burger

Food Bytes: Supersize Me, Mumbai Ishtyle!

This week I’m dedicating this foodie column to all ‘ye gourmands out there, the oligarchs of excess, the pashas of portions and the sultans of size… It’s all about the gargantuan side of food and drinks available in our fair city. It is an ode to the edible (and drinkable!) whoppers that make Adam Richman...


Food Bytes: Celebrating Easter With Oodles Of Foodilicious Fun!

Now, I’m not one of those to pick favourites. And certainly not when it comes to ‘Fun, Food-Filled Festivals’ (aka my ultimate quadruple ‘F’ extravaganza!). But somehow Easter for me, as a good-church-going-Catholic-boy (ahem!), has always been pegged a wee notch above Christmas. I don’t know why, but there is something about those bright yellow...


Kebabs at Veda

Event: Veda, Palladium Launches Unlimited Kebab Platter

In our Valentine’s Day post, we have already spoken about the amazing food and drinks Veda at the Palladium serves; now here’s the new offer that will make you love Veda more! In case you haven’t been to the restaurant yet, it is popular Pan Asian restaurant at the Palladium, High Street Phoenix. The restaurants...