Yoforia organic frozen yogurt

Yoforia: New Frozen Yogurt Joint In Bandra Launches Today

Carter Road is definitely buzzing on frozen yogurt. And here’s yet another entrant joining the league to save Mumbai from this grueling heat. Yoforia, international frozen yogurt chain from the US of A is already in India with their outlets in Kolkata and Pune. And they are launching this summer in Mumbai with their first...


Cream Centre

Cream Centre: Now Open in Neptune Mall, Bhandup

Found myself loitering in the newly opened Neptune Mall  in Bhandup last night. Since it was just about time for dinner, decided to try out the new Cream Centre outlet there. I have been to the Chowpatty outlet quite a while ago and was glad to see one this side of town as well. The Cream Centre dining...


Creamy Parmesan Pasta at Belcibo

Bel Cibo: For Your Pasta Cravings

One can never have enough options for lunch. Everything can get boring after a point, right? But with innumerable tiny eateries that have cropped up in Lower Parel, chances are that you’ll be spoilt for choices. The newest member to join this bandwagon of eateries is Bel Cibo. Located in Lower Parel, behind a bus...


Cafe Mangii , Yari Road, Powai

New area, same Café Mangii!

For those of you who have been fans of Café Mangii, the new offering at Yari Road in Andheri won’t be a disappointment. Located 2 buildings to the right of Ivy bistro and bar, Café Mangii is conveniently placed at the heart of Yari Road, just across the beach. The place has been done up...