Now That’s A Strange Pet

As 13-year-old Abu Bakar Shaikh moves in his building compound with a friend, the two make quite a sight. After all, Abu Bakar has a unique friend – an 8-foot tall emu which struts around proudly. While other kids in his building, Sai Dham in Nalasopara, watch excitedly, adults too look on with glee. The emu...


Urban Brat, Mumbai Event

Urban Brat: Let Every Dog Have His Day

I read somewhere lately that an ‘individual’s ultimate quest is to strike that perfect balance between passion and profession’. This is the thought that sprung to my mind when my interaction with Apeksha Harihar, Editor/Publisher of ‘Where’s my Bone’ magazine and the entrepreneur behind the e-commerce dog products boutique venture ‘’, was only just beginning....