Red Shopping Bag

Weekend: Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar at Out Of The Blue

This weekend seems to be dedicated to shopping. If you don’t have your fill at the Canvas Summer Shopping Bazaar today, you can go splurge on the Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar at Out Of The Blue, Powai tomorrow. The king of good times is rolling out a fun filled evening inviting foodies and shopoholics. The Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar which...


Food Bloggers In Deep Conversation, Out Of The Blue, Powai

When Mumbai’s Food Fanatics Sat Down to Dine!

Mumbai has a small, yet very active community of food bloggers, a community I too am a part of. Last night, Burrp and Out of the Blue, Powai took the initiative of bringing a few of us together, and hosting the first ever Food Blogger’s Meet of this kind. Out of the Blue in Powai was...


Plain Dosa, Cafe Bean Garu

Cafe Bean Garu: Home Is Where The Dosa Is!

At 24, most people wish to venture in the world of fashion and glamour. And then there are people like Afshan Virani who take the road less travelled and start one of the quirkiest South Indian restaurants in the city, Café Bean Garu. Afshan always knew that she wanted to be a restaurateur. So she...


Cafe Mangii , Yari Road, Powai

New area, same Café Mangii!

For those of you who have been fans of Café Mangii, the new offering at Yari Road in Andheri won’t be a disappointment. Located 2 buildings to the right of Ivy bistro and bar, Café Mangii is conveniently placed at the heart of Yari Road, just across the beach. The place has been done up...