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Krsna Mehta Umbrella

Launchpad: New Collection Of Designer Umbrellas By India Circus

Rains are welcome after the gruelling summer, but sometimes they can be drab and grey. Why not brighten them up with some spunky umbrellas? We loved the new collection by India Circus which is bright and trendy! The New Collection Krsna Mehta’s India Circus, designer e-store has just launched an Indo-centric and sophisticated new collection of...


Surving The Mumbai Monsoon: A Quick Guide To Staying Safe In The Rains

Mumbai’s favorite season is finally here! As Mumbaikars welcome the cooling showers and pleasant weather, they also prepare themselves to face this unpredictable season which can bring the entire city to a standstill. A few heavy showers and your gutters will flood, vehicles will stop, trains will get delayed and suddenly you will find yourself...


Hot Chocolate at San Churros

The Silver Lining This Monsoon

My friends stare at me blankly as I relentlessly explain that it does in fact, exist! No we aren’t taking about the Loch Ness monster. That argument could take a while. We are talking about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or seasonal depression. Don’t believe there is such a thing? You should totally read about it...



Monsoon Ready Mumbai!

“The rains are late this year” “But how do they behave here in Bangalore?” “As in? “Matlab, are they like the Mumbai monsoons? Heavy, unstoppable, lovable and hate-able at the same time, over-flowing across the city, causing schools to shut down at times, bringing a natural and unmissable smile on everyone’s face. Good mood takes...


Mumbai Monsoon Sky by Shrishti_Shetty

Photos: First Showers in Mumbai!

Even though I have been called a rain hater by friends, I cannot deny there is something enchanting about the first showers in Mumbai. As the first wholesome rain touched the Mumbai soil, Twitter was abuzz with some of the most beautiful captures of the monsoons’ arrival in Mumbai. Here are links to some of...


Mehak's favorite flip flops

The Bombay Diaries: Shoes!

Mehak came to Mumbai a few years ago to pursue her design degree and went on to work here as well. That’s where we met, hit it off and stayed connected since. Although she now lives in Chandigarh, she never really left this city and her romance with Mumbai continues. Needless to say I was...