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New Restaurants: The Pantry And Di Napoli Launch In South Mumbai

Kala Ghoda and Nariman Point are two of South Bombay’s most iconic neighbourhoods. Kala Ghoda is known for it’s quaint by-lanes that attract artists and hipsters. Nariman Point on the other hand is packed with corporate offices and some of the oldest commercial complexes. Both these neighbourhoods can now boast of brand new restaurants, The...


The 'Real" Mumbai City Map

Bandra or Borivali: What’s in a name?

So I was at one of the posh-est areas in Bangalore yesterday, and I took a good half an hour walk around in the streets randomly. Looking at the beautiful bunglows and small pretty streets, I was remembering the quaint little streets behind Colaba Causeway and the Taj, with trees around and a certain silence...