Food at Umame

Kofuku and Umame: Old Restaurants Give Way To The New

With public holidays, religious festivals and of course, wedding season around the corner the FnB industry is getting ready for Mumbai to start splurging. It’s a great time of the year to open a new restaurant or reinvent an existing one, capitalizing on the festive frenzy. You’ve already read how Shatranj Napoli got a facelift...


Surviving Rush Hour Traffic in Mumbai Locals

Never A Dull Moment On Mumbai Locals

Here are four reasons why local trains are the best form of public transport. No, this is not a post about how it’s better to be stuck in a cramped up compartment with sweaty women v/s moving at the speed of 1 Km/Hr on a traffucked highway. What this post will tell you though is how...


Nickolai Kinny & Rahul Divay, Project Coffee Barter

Project Coffee Barter: Of Travel Tales And Café Lattés

“I only travel so I don’t run out of dinner party conversations.”… Anonymous Travel always inspires some of the most entertaining conversations. I suppose this stems from the fact that at some level, all of us, like many great explorers in the past, have a thirst for adventure and a curiosity for the unknown. In a...