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Library, Bombay Connect

Bombay Connect: Power Of The Collective

While researching earlier stories for MumbaiMag I chanced upon a collaborative work space in Bandra called Bombay Connect, which was shared by several different organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals. I’d never heard of a collaborative work space of the sort and was curious to find out more. It certainly sounded like something Mumbai needed; a place...


Snigdha Manchanda Bijola, Founder, Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk: A Girl And Her Beloved Brew

There’s something romantic about a vintage trunk. Within the confines of it’s heavy secure lid it keeps prized possessions safely guarded. Well kept secrets, family heirlooms, a once-used wedding dress, billet-doux and yellowed books often find themselves cozily confined to a forgotten trunk. Snigdha Manchanda Bijola keeps one such trunk, but her’s is far from...