#MumbaiList: A Taste Of Kashmiri Flavours In Aamchi Mumbai

Kashmir is undoubtedly a version of heaven on earth, globally renowned for its astounding and picturesque panorama. And when we mention Kashmir, it is impossible to ignore their deliciously exotic cuisine which is a magical feast in itself. Just the sight and fragrance of Kashmiri food, especially the variations of mutton, can make you go...


Ovelekar Wadi butterfly garden, image by

#MumbaiList: Visit Gardens And Open Spaces In Mumbai

Malls and indoor entertainment can get boring after a while! In this #Mumbailist, we present some peaceful gardens in Mumbai where you can sit back and relax, have a chat with friends or just enjoy nature and rejuvenate! Hanging Garden, Malabar Hill Also known as Phiorozshah Mehta Garden, it is Perhaps the oldest and most famous...

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Raghuleela Kandivali

#MumbaiList: Ten Malls In Mumbai That We Love

Remember the days when one had to hop from one place to another in search of entertainment. The advent of mall-culture, a few years ago has radically changed the face of recreation. Today, we enjoy everything from shopping to dining and movies to spa treatments, under one roof. Here is our list of Top 10...



Launchpad: RRO Cheese Bar Launches New Luxury Cheese Varieties

Everyone love their cheesy bites, but finding the best cheese for your culinary adventures is not a cakewalk. Here’s RRO to the rescue. They have now introduced some of the finest varieties of cheese at their RRO Cheese Bars.   RRO Cheese Bars R. R. Oomerbhoy Private Limited (RRO) has been manufacturing, distributing and marketing quality food...

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ATV Rides at Della Adventure

Travel: Summer Weekend Getaways Around Mumbai

After a tiring week and a crazy schedule, Mumbai is totally looking forward to the weekend. But if you are bored of your mundane weekend routine, of beers with friends at the same old local bar or of repeated game nights at a cousin’s house, try a getaway around Mumbai! We are lucky to be surrounded...