the yoga house


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Trend Spotting: Pop Up Stores, The New Way To Shop

In recent times, Mumbai has seen the sudden appearance and equally quick disappearance of several stores. Before your mind starts racing with questions pertaining to these mystery stores, we introduce you to this all new concept which has taken the retail scenario in Mumbai by storm. Called the ‘pop-up shops’, these are temporary stores that...



#MumbaiList: Top Five Restaurants For Healthy Eating This Summer

Weekend is here! And it often leads to loads of over indulgence followed by lazing around. Resisting fattening food isn’t made any easier with restaurants serving up delicious set menus with sinful weekend offers or IPL offers. Also family gatherings are bursting with samosas, gujiyas, jalebis, puran polis, cakes, meats or simply everything laden with...


The Yoga House

The Yoga House: Go For The Yoga, Quinoa Or Both!

In an endeavor to not go back to the same eatery twice unless it’s exceptional or unavoidable, my friend called suggesting we meet at this place called the Yoga House in Bandra. She had seen a glimpse of this place in the footage her work crew had from having shot there some months back. It...