Gift A WittyGift

CONTEST: Win Wellness Boxes From WittyGift

Mumbai, enjoy another contest, courtesy WittyGift. And a shoutout to the winners of our last contest, Varun, Deepa and Bhavisha! TLDR: Follow MumbaiMag on Twitter to find the contest. Then tweet @MumbaiMag with #GiftsIWant and tell us that if you could have any gift you waned what would it be and why? The wittiest, quirkiest and most...



Mumbaigiri: #MumbaiRains

What is life without humour, right? We believe one of the reasons that Mumbai is Mumbai, is because we can laugh at ourselves and take life in our stride. Presenting Mumbaigiri, our new section which is about all such sweet and salty moments from life in our city, expressed through cartoons and illustrations. Joining us...



Monsoon Ready Mumbai!

“The rains are late this year” “But how do they behave here in Bangalore?” “As in? “Matlab, are they like the Mumbai monsoons? Heavy, unstoppable, lovable and hate-able at the same time, over-flowing across the city, causing schools to shut down at times, bringing a natural and unmissable smile on everyone’s face. Good mood takes...


Mumbai Monsoon Sky by Shrishti_Shetty

Photos: First Showers in Mumbai!

Even though I have been called a rain hater by friends, I cannot deny there is something enchanting about the first showers in Mumbai. As the first wholesome rain touched the Mumbai soil, Twitter was abuzz with some of the most beautiful captures of the monsoons’ arrival in Mumbai. Here are links to some of...