urban farming


Farmer's Market, Mumbai

Organic Food: A Privilege Or A Choice? What Can Mumbai Afford?

Mumbai’s very talked-about Farmers’ Market is back. Which means every Sunday organic produce will be on sale from 10a.m to 3p.m. at Maharasthra Nature Park. Along with the usual fun-n-fair atmosphere is an organic cafe, live music, a bunch of stalls and of course an interesting mix of people. This market has been hugely successful...


Tomato in Saee's Window

Urban Farming: Bursts Of Green On A Backdrop Of Gray

Life can seem all gray when you look out of a peep-hole sized window of your match-box apartment, which is surrounded by a forest of concrete. Sadly, ‘Nature’ feels like something exotic; like something one must travel several miles away to experience. As we (allegedly) progress, one will probably have to travel further and further...