Chicken Bhuga

Launchpad: Royal Sindh, A New Sindhi Food Restaurant In Andheri

If you enjoy Sindhi cuisine and always that very few restaurants in Mumbai serve it, rejoice! Here’s a new restaurant in Andheri which serves traditional Sindhi delicacies and also other North Indian specialties with a Sindhi flavour. Royal Sindh Royal Sindh is a small and simple restaurant in Versova which serves homely Sindhi cuisine. It also serves North...


Winter Walks In Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Best Winter Walks Around The City

The famed and the most eagerly awaited – winter chill of the city is finally here! Felt only by the true blue Bombay-wallahs, the chill has an increasing share of detractors who leave no opportunity in dismissing the cold while comparing it to the winters up north. Well, if we could get that kind of...


Open Toastie

Readers Write: Jam Jar Diner Review

We love hearing from you, our readers! And so we are kick staring the New Year with our new section ‘Readers Write‘ where you have a chance to share experiences and express your views on everything that is Mumbai with all our readers. Whether it is a spa or restaurant, a book store or salon,...

#MumbaiList: Bring On The Beer!

I was sitting at Sammy Sosa (New Link Road, Oshiwara) and having a conversation with the owner of this Mexican themed restaurant, when he made a very important observation about beer: It is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and is brewed in almost every part of the world! So a sampling of international...


Spiderman Unmasked

Leaping Windows: The De-masking…

Graphic novels, limited edition comics, manga and literature are not just difficult to source but also expensive books to buy. A lending library with all this within the city is any fans dream come true. Add to that a bright sunny café with friendly service and a homely feel, and you’ve got yourself reader’s heaven.....