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Rose Seller, Dadar Image:Josh Daniel Photography

#MumbaiList: Mumbai Under 200

Before I start let me tell you that I’m not going talk about the obvious touristy things that you can do in Mumbai because everyone publishes lists like that and frankly, most of those suggestions are overrated. If you’re willing to experiment, here are 10 things that you should do in Mumbai. What’s more, these...

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Inside Sagargad

Forts Around Mumbai: Become a Maratha Warrior this Weekend!

The Sahyadris hold a special place in the hearts of people of Maharashtra. The Maratha rulers turned the peaks of various hills in this region into their bastions of power. They built forts high above the ground, a feat in itself, for then the convenience of technology was not available to them. Indigenous techniques were employed...


Hot Chocolate at San Churros

The Silver Lining This Monsoon

My friends stare at me blankly as I relentlessly explain that it does in fact, exist! No we aren’t taking about the Loch Ness monster. That argument could take a while. We are talking about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or seasonal depression. Don’t believe there is such a thing? You should totally read about it...



#MumbaiList: Sale or Stale?

As Mumbaikars, we are used to standing in queues – in the trains, while waiting to pee during the interval at the movies, even at Siddhivinayak. But none of them seem as painful as waiting outside the fitting rooms during a sale. While the good thing about a sale is that there’s something for everyone,...


Zia Nath, Sufi Splendour

Sufi Calling: Discovering The Divine

I was introduced to Sufism many years ago through the strong vocals and mesmerizing music of Abida Parveen. Ever since, I have been fascinated by its depth and beauty. Though it has gained popularity in the last few years, Sufism as a concept, as a way of life, still remains less understood than it was...


Say it With A Present: Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

Father’s Day is the best excuse to shower your Dad with gifts that show you care. Burdened with what to gift him? Here are some ideas that may come in handy. Every Dad has his favourite knick knacks. The little things he collects or wants to start a collection of. Or that everyday thing he...


Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day Specials – Spas, Golf and More

Indulge your Dad with relaxation and fun activities this week to celebrate Father’ Day that falls on June 17th. If he has a busy hectic schedule, try the spa offers being offered across Mumbai. And if he is the sporty kind, try your hand at golf and fun games with him over a few beers....


Monginis Fathers Day Cake Daddy Cool, Mumbai

Father’s Day Specials – Food & Drinks

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th. Its that time of the year when you take the time to thank your Dad for everything he means to you. Though nothing can match emotions and heartfelt words, gifts can also bring a smile to his lips and show him you care. So, have you decided how...


BodyMindLife, Yoga Workshop by Samanta Duggal, Temperance

Event: BodyMindLife, A Unique Yoga Workshop At Temperance

Temperance, the newly opened cultural hub in Bandra is organizing a unique Yoga workshop this Saturday. Interestingly titled “BodyMindLife” this yoga workshop will be hosted by renowned yoga teacher of the Sivananda Yoga tradition, Samanta Duggal. Designed to benefit the stress afflicted, busy round the clock working professionals in Mumbai, this midday workshop aims to soothe all...


Red Shopping Bag

Weekend: Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar at Out Of The Blue

This weekend seems to be dedicated to shopping. If you don’t have your fill at the Canvas Summer Shopping Bazaar today, you can go splurge on the Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar at Out Of The Blue, Powai tomorrow. The king of good times is rolling out a fun filled evening inviting foodies and shopoholics. The Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar which...