The Yoga House

The Yoga House: Go For The Yoga, Quinoa Or Both!

In an endeavor to not go back to the same eatery twice unless it’s exceptional or unavoidable, my friend called suggesting we meet at this place called the Yoga House in Bandra. She had seen a glimpse of this place in the footage her work crew had from having shot there some months back. It...


Snigdha Manchanda Bijola, Founder, Tea Trunk

Tea Trunk: A Girl And Her Beloved Brew

There’s something romantic about a vintage trunk. Within the confines of it’s heavy secure lid it keeps prized possessions safely guarded. Well kept secrets, family heirlooms, a once-used wedding dress, billet-doux and yellowed books often find themselves cozily confined to a forgotten trunk. Snigdha Manchanda Bijola keeps one such trunk, but her’s is far from...


Mumbai Berlin graffiti by Aneesh Bhasin

Event: Indo German Urban Mela 13th – 22nd April

Visited the Indo German Urban Mela which is currently on at Cross Maidan, Churchgate today. The 10 day event to mark the ‘Year of Germany in India’ began on 13th April and will continue till 22nd April. No ticket required for being a part of this festival since it’s open to all, from 10 a.m....