Remove Worli Sea Face Benches, Says BMC

Recently the BMC asked the Worli Walkers Association to remove 40 odd benches, which they had put along the promenade. The residents had used their own money to install these benches. The reason that was given by the BMC to remove the benches was that they were spoiling the beauty of the Worli seaface promenade....

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The Last Journey: Mumbai’s Lesser Known Burial Grounds

If someone were to ask you which are the communities that reside in Mumbai, what would your answer be? Roman Catholics, Muslims, Maharashtrians, Tamilians, Gujaratis so and so forth. But our metropolitan is home to a much larger number of ethnic communities than any average Mumbaikar could ever imagine. People belonging to the Chinese, Japanese,...

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Raghuleela Kandivali

#MumbaiList: Ten Malls In Mumbai That We Love

Remember the days when one had to hop from one place to another in search of entertainment. The advent of mall-culture, a few years ago has radically changed the face of recreation. Today, we enjoy everything from shopping to dining and movies to spa treatments, under one roof. Here is our list of Top 10...


Forts Of Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Forts In The City Of Islands

Surprised? Yes, there are many forts in Mumbai much to the amazement of many Mumbaikars. While not as massive or significant as their counterparts in Sahyadri, forts in Mumbai too have a rich history but today are mere remains of their glorious past. While some are used as a place to woo Bollywood actresses on screen,...


Global Vipassana Pagoda Image Courtesy: Velachery Balu

#MumbaiList: Visit Mumbai’s Famous Jain And Buddhist Temples

After our posts on the oldest Churches in Mumbai and the beautiful temples and Gurudwaras in the city, we continue our journey with the famous Jain and Buddhist temples around town. Though Jainism is a religious minority in India, Mumbai has one of the largest Jain populations among all the cities in the country. There are numerous temples...


Friends At The Beach

The City And The Sea

Whenever my relatives from Delhi came for a visit to Mumbai – they had two things on the top of their ‘to do’ lists – visit a sea-front and spot a celebrity. A few years ago, it used to be Juhu beach, the one-stop shop for all ‘foreigners’ to Mumbai. See the sea, eat bhutta,...