Launchpad: Timesaverz, New Website Offering Services For Your Household Chores

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Debadutta Upadhyay, founder,
Debadutta Upadhyay, co-founder,

Mumbai is a place where you can find anything, literally, but not time. Our day is always packed with many to-dos and spare time is wasted in travelling and doing other tasks which leave us with no ‘me-time’. But now you can indulge in hobby while cutting off to-dos from your list. Welcome, a new service which will take care of your small chores.

What is
Timesaverz is a one-stop online solution service for your day to day tasks being done by agents. It is started by Debadutta and Lovnish, having collective experience of over 30 years in media. Launched in October 2012, the service is designed especially for time-starving people in Mumbai where most of our weekends are spent in paying bills, repairing some household gadgets and so on.

Lovnish Bhatia, founder,
Lovnish Bhatia, co-founder,

What services do they offer?
Right from soft services like arranging for at-home path tests, babysitting, personal shopping to taking care of appliances repair and service, spring cleaning and civil works like electrical and plumbing, they do it all. They also help us with co-coordinating for government documents; which most of us find very troublesome. That’s not it, if you need help planning events like birthday parties, you can call them.

How does it work?
Once you send them a job request through a phone call or website, the customer servicing team co-ordinates with the nearest skill-set verified agent available around your residence to get the job done. The user is sent confirmation of time and agent details and at the designated time, the agent reaches the user’s place in proper uniform. On completion of job, a proper feedback is taken from both, you as well as the agent.

The Team,
The Team,

What’s more?
They have more than 150 freelance agents across Mumbai and they are also planning to add laundromat and elderly care services to Timesaverz. Timesaverz has an “earn minutes” programme that rewards users for time that they save for their favourite pastime activities by using their services.

So now there is no need to worry about household chores when you make time for yourself.


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