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When it comes to food, we usually either distinguish it as vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Though still a lesser known concept in the city, Veganism means completely abstaining from the use of animal products in your food. And believe it or not, this is not as difficult as it sounds and the food is not any less delicious either! So, before you conclude whether veganism is for you or not, here’s everything you need to know about being a vegan in Mumbai.

Vegan Knows Best
I got talking to Rithika Ramesh who is not only a Vegan since March 2009, but is also instrumental in making the lives of the Vegans in the city, a lot easier. She is the woman in charge of the Mumbai edition of Vegan City Guides and also the founder of The Green Stove. Vegan City Guides is an online guide meant to help travellers and first-time vegans to eat their way through this city with ease while The Green Stove is a Vegan bakery, located in Ghatkopar West in Mumbai.

From being the unofficial baker at all her friends’ birthdays, Rithika started The Green Stove a year after she adopted this culinary lifestyle. Rithika’s decision to turn vegan came after she learnt about the cruelty in the dairy industry towards the cows. Apart from that being the reason, she also recommends one to adopt a veganism because not only does it benefit the planet and the animals but also helps to lose weight and stay fit.

I got interested in finding out that challenges she faces while eating and cooking, but to my surprise Rithika quoted that living as a vegan in India is very easy, especially in a city like Mumbai. The only challenge is that some people don’t understand the word vegan but once explained, most restaurants understand what you can eat and what you can’t, and readily prepare special vegan meals. In fact, cooking vegan food at home is also easy since the Indian food we daily cook is almost always devoid of too many animal products. There are substitutes for milk like coconut milk, peanut milk and cashew milk available and even vegan cheese can be made at home.

Lastly, but most importantly, I asked her, how vegan friendly Mumbai is? Luckily, we have a lot of options available. For starters, South Indian food is very vegan friendly. Most of the food, even the Samosas and Pani Puri on which Rithika loves dishing on are vegan. Even Starbucks uses Soya milk and biscuits like Oreo and Hide N Seek are also accidentally vegan. So, being a Vegan in the city is not hard according to her.

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Finding Vegan Food At Restaurants In Mumbai
If you’re in mood for experimenting and want to try food, you thought could never called vegan, head out to Rithika Ramesh’s The Green Stove that is located in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai. The place offers vegan cupcakes and cookies, dessert in a jar, cheesy spreads, vegan delights for animals and the most eye catching of them all, birthday cakes for dogs!

Vegan Bites is a catering service located at Lower Parel for vegans. The menu includes juices, smoothies and other healthy plant based meals. The catering service has also introduced delivery of dinner meals in certain areas of Mumbai.

Soulfood is another catering service started by Shonali Sabherwal who has been a dietitician to Abhay Deol, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandes and other Bollywood celebrities. Her macrobiotic meals are 85 percent organic and diabetic friendly. For those watching their weight and health, Soulfood may be the thing for you.

Apart from these, Café Coffee Day also serves Vegan Shake, The Bagel Shop located in Bandra has an extensive Vegan Menu, Ray’s Café and Pizzeria also serves Vegan sandwich and Vegan pizzas.

Find A Vegan Community
For all the vegans in city, to receive updates about vegan recipes, potlucks, updates, you can follow Vegan City Guides on Facebook, follow Mumbai Vegans and Vegan India and pave your way into adopting a complete Vegan lifestyle.

Hope this post help some light on this new, healthy concept of eating. We welcome your views, ideas, suggestions and reviews.

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Aspiring writer and student. I bite off more than I can chew, literally. Also, a sporadic dancer. Willing to beg, borrow and steal for chocolates.


Shikha Chawla

Shikha Chawla
Aspiring writer and student. I bite off more than I can chew, literally. Also, a sporadic dancer. Willing to beg, borrow and steal for chocolates.
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    One word, Amazing!
    I really appreciate your work Rithika. We need more people like you! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Reena Fernandes

    Grt Job Rithika… Evn i m Vegan, i stay in Borivali nd definitely i wl visit ur Green Stove bakery.

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    Hey guys, in vegan as well! Traveling around the world atm, from Australia but my roots are Indian. Ill be in Mumbai from 10th December, just wondering if there are any cool vegan places to check out ?