Y U NO DIY: Breathe New Life Into Your Favorite Old Jewellery Pieces


DIY jewellery
DIY jewellery
DIY jewellery

The amazing thing about taking on a DIY project is the fact that you can transform your overall product into something totally new. Something old and damaged instantly takes on a new identity and looks stylish and chic. I recently tried giving two pieces of my junk jewellery an all new look, and to my relief, they turned out great. You too can take any old piece, in mental, for this experiment and revive it with a new colour with some DIY.

What You Will Need:
Here’s what you’re going to need for giving your older, maybe slightly tarnished accessories a new, more glamorous look:
1) Acetone / Nail polish remover (for those of you who don’t know: YES – they are different. Acetone is much stronger than nail polish remover, however, you could use either for a project like this depending on the product you’re using as a subject)
2) The shade of nail polish you’d like to paint over with
3) A brush with un-damaged bristles
4) Transparent nail polish

DIY jewellery
DIY jewellery

The Revival
The procedure is pretty simple; here’s how you can revamp your piece of jewelry:

  1. Clean it with a clean cloth, preferably a damp one
  2. Dip a ear bud in acetone or nail polish remover and clean it up; this is mainly to ensure there’s no added, un-needed texture coming in the way of your painting process
  3.  Use the brush and paint away!
  4. Don’t forget to apply two coats of the nail enamel to make the color stand out
  5. Finally, apply a transparent coat to add the shine.

TIPS to remember
So here are a few simple steps for you to keep in mind when you work on re-working your piece:

a) Don’t try doing this with ordinary paint. The finish won’t be the same and you’ll just have color all over you when you step out in the rain (read: #EpicFail)
b) Don’t forget about the transparent polish, it helps give that last finishing touch to ensure the paint won’t chip; also great for sealing in
c) The nail polish remover or acetone is so you’re better prepared in case you have thicker and slightly lumpy nail paint. Add a drop of the remover in the polish bottle and shake it up and you’ll have the shiniest thin layer of polish to convenience the application process
d) In case you’re planning to shade your product or use different colors on separate layers (like the neckpiece I worked on), a brush will ensure better grip and application.

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Post By Guest Blogger, Aanam M R Chashmawala (5 Posts)

Apart from being a media girl, totally filmi, fashion writer & stylist, she's the princess that slays her own dragons


Guest Blogger, Aanam M R Chashmawala

Guest Blogger, Aanam M R Chashmawala
Apart from being a media girl, totally filmi, fashion writer & stylist, she's the princess that slays her own dragons