#MumbaiList: Seven Inspiring Stories Of Youngsters Who Have Turned Dreams To Reality In Mumbai

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In the city of dreams, there comes a time, a moment in the life of every Mumbaikar when they see a dream with open eyes. The dream is simple, to make it big and to make it big in style. More often than not, these dreams are seen during the teenage years. With passing time, most of them fade out due to lack of opportunities, family pressure or a cloud of responsibilities hovering above their heads. Some of them break all the shackles and channel their zest and beliefs into awesome stories. Here are a select few from different walks of life that‘ll inspire you to re kindle your dreams, because it’s never too late to shine:- The Fro- Yo Parlour- YoghurtBay We in Mumbai are hopelessly in love with dessert. No wonder then that Robin Chatterjee and Viral Jhaveri of YoghurtBay, Mumbai based boys opened up their first Fro-Yo outlet in March 2011 to great success. With umpteen delicious, finger licking toppings and a staircase with cushion seating’s, this place offers a variety. A brilliant opportunity tapped by the young men. Inaugurated in the months of scorching heat and targeted at the health conscious youth this was a perfect combination. These guys made plain curd into a high selling product and opened the 2nd branch in breach candy after the soaring success of the first. Kudos guys! Welcome Urban Farming with iKheti Another Mumbai based entrepreneur, 28 year old Priyanka Amar Shah saw her dream turn into reality when she converted her love for nature into a successful business. At iKheti, she provides services to grow veggies within your own premises. Bid adieu to the expensive onions and tomatoes and grow them in your own backyard. They also cater to vertical landscaping, in house green décor and garden beautification with its attractive range of planters. So guys, let’s give our city a green cover, make it self sufficient and yes you can also use some of the plants and pots as gift items. Source tappu_ki_ownQuirk away with Tappu Ki Dukaan The store located in fort area of Mumbai is as weird and funky as its name. Founded by Sneha Raisoni, a chartered accountant by profession. The store houses products of all the unconventional brands such as happily Unmarried, Haathi Chhap, Pop Goes the Art and Mixed Juice Design. Sneha gave up her job and the corporate world to explore her creative side. Also known as Tee Ki Dee, Sneha is looking to expand the store to other cities. The current store interiors are also an attraction for customers, specially the youth. So all those who think creative business is full of risk, learn a lesson or two from Miss Tee Ki Dee and funk up your world. Source FoxymoronDigital Advertising Success at the cost of one Goa trip- Story of FoxyMoron With 64,000 in hand, 4 friends Pratik Gupta, Paritosh Ajmera, Suveer Bajaj and Harshil Karia used the money for their Goa trip to start a digital agency, FoxyMoron. Today after 6 years, it is one of the leading digital agencies in India. They slogged, struggled, failed and even gave pen drives as salaries to their employees but did not give up. At the age of 24, these guys run a company with a turnover of Rs 15 crores. They started small with a video recording assignment and today have A list clients like Rajsthan Royals, L'Oreal Group, AXN, Castrol, Star Sports etc.Not bad at all, huh? Source frappinBy the Students, For the students- Frapp.in Three BBA graduates from the popular NM College in the western suburbs of Mumbai realized that during their student years, most of them develop new interests, hobbies, preferences and love to explore and discover new places, gadgets, experiences. Due to limited budgets and pocket money, sky high prizes, they cannot enjoy these, whether its music shows, events, new gadgets or dinging and wining places. These 3 brilliant minds have thus come up with Frapp.in where they will provide awesome deals to students on showing of their ID cards. What say guys, totally cool isn’t it? Source Click and explore thw wild with Jungle Lore Are you a lover of the wild and wood? Are you someone who loves the adrenaline rush from adventures? Do you love photography? If yes, then you must check out Kaustubh Upadhye and Gaurav Athalye's Junglelore.com. These 'full time trippers' as they like to call themselves bid adieu to the corporate scene and began this awesome venture. This travel and photography based undertaking promotes offbeat destinations and customise trips just the way their clients like it. Whats more you can also buy some interesting merchandise from them. Dig into the wild with these men from Mumbai. Source TheobromoaA sugar coated reward for a sweet lover- Theobroma I am sure every one in Mumbai has indulged and re-indulged in the delicacies offered at the popular café, Theobroma or Theo’s as most people know it. Do you know that this spectacular French style café is the pet project of Kainaz Messman? At t the age of 34, she has launched branches across the city.  Her passion for sweets can almost be termed as intimate. She had to give up her culinary career because of back issues but serving people with the best delicacies in town was just meant to be. She owes her sweet success to her family and her french education. Source Know someone we missed? Tell us below!

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    Hey Bhakti, great article. I happen to come across a video posted by these guys on facebook depiciting an Indian wedding. They should be worth checking out. The owner goes by the name of Raonak and runs a collective by the name of Recall Pictures. (www.recallpictures.com and http://www.raonak.com). Definitely worth getting a story out.