CO33: Your Room Needs A Makeover? Give It 33 Hours


CO33 Room Makeover - Kitchen
CO33 Room Makeover - Living Room
CO33 Room Makeover – Living Room

You know that one time when you looked at the blank wall in your room and wondered if you could do something interesting to it? And then how you thought, if only you had more time, you’d figure something out? We live in a world where nobody really has time for anything and where we constantly push things to the weekend and then spend the weekend lazing around because we’ve worked too hard over the week. It all becomes real on Sunday night, though, when you lie in bed, look at your ceiling and wonder if these things will ever get done.

CO33 Room Makeover - Bedroom
Examples of making over – Bedroom

But it’s amazing the things lying in bed and staring at the ceiling can do – for Sudhir Banthia, the brains behind CO33 Design Concepts, it led to the idea of reinventing particular spaces instead of re-doing entire rooms. “My bedroom has lot of wood and looks like a log hut – I’ve been sleeping under the same roof for about 10 years. Then I asked myself, do I want to continue sleeping here? Same colors around me? Same lighting and curtains?” says the architect who has always been interested in interior design.

He realized that he needed a change, but the thought of tearing down his home and spending the next 2-3 months in the company of noisy henchmen dissuaded him. “I figured that there must be many like me, who have already furnished rooms that are in good condition still, but are forced to live with the same thing for years just because re-doing a space entirely was a tedious thought. The huge cost involved is a vital consideration too”, he says.

Being an architect, he took it up as a challenge and went about planning a service for renovating a space without much trouble to the client and which is easy on pocket. He pitched the idea to his team and Bageshree Borgharkar, who has studied interior design and has been working with Sudhir for more than 6 years, was very excited about it. “We did the research, found suppliers and trained the contractors…Within no time this project became my baby”, she gushes.

CO33 Room Makeover - Kitchen
Example of what re-doing colours can do – Kitchen

The idea is a simple one – if you have a balcony you want to do something with, or a corner that looks empty, you call them. One of the first few things they check for is if it can be completed in the stipulated time of 33 hours. “We just don’t commit to any job that requires any civil work, leakages or require a paint job. It’s more of a cosmetic makeover”, says Sudhir.

Next come the discussions with the client on different ideas, coming up with a quote, procuring materials and putting things together – roughly a 15 day period outside your house. After this, a timetable is made and the work done ‘on-site’ is split into 33 hours over a minimum period of six-eight days.

Why 33 hours, I ask them. Any particular significance to the number? “Not really”, he replies “We did some practical jobs in our own backyard to discover that most single room jobs can be completed in about 30 hours, if we are thorough in our planning and if our ‘behind the scene’ part is efficiently done. We leave about 3 hours for final cleaning up and last inspection.”

Are they expensive, though? “Yes, we are a bit expensive if you compare rates on an item to item basis. But we more than compensate the cost in terms of offering peace of mind, no mess, top quality and professional service”, say the designer duo.

Get in touch with them on their facebook page. And if you do call in CO33 to makeover your room, send us your before-after pictures, we would love to add them here!

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Ekta Valecha
Likes writing. Loves reading, too. Also likes cats. And shoes. And Bollywood. And Harry Potter. And food. And her iPhone. And does not judge people who have a Blackberry.